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Вих (Out)грн (uah)
Oatmeal with milk1/20032,00
Oatmeal on the water1/20010,00
Oatmeal with tuna and dill1/28097,00
Scrambled out of 2 eggs1/11040,00
Scrambled out of 3 eggs1/15056,00
Cottage cheese with sour cream150/3060,00
Cheesecakes with sour cream150/5073,00
Cheesecakes with honey150/5080,00
Cheesecakes with jam /raspberry, strawberry, cherry, apricot/150/5085,00
Cheesecakes with salted cheese and dill1/15056,00
Toasts 2шт16,00
Baked ham1/3023,00
Salami sausage1/3018,00
Shrimp meat1/3048,00
Chicken fillet1/3019,00
Sausages hunting1/3029,00
Bulgarian pepper1/3010,00
Greens /onions, dill, parsley/1/1010,00
Jam (raspberry , strawberry , cherry , apricot)1/5025,00
Dried apricot1/3015,00
Condensed milk1/309,00
Вих (Out)грн (uah)
Sandwich with red caviar1/9545,00
Sandwich baked ham15/15/30124,00
Sandwich with tongue (beef tongue, mayonnaise ) 1/8044,00
Meat plate / home-made / beef, boiled pork tongue, home-made sausage / served with sour cream-horseradish sauce /300/50274,00
Cheese plate / «Maasdam», «Dorblu», «Brie», «Parmesan»/1/250184,00
Tongue covered with mayonnaise100/50127,00
Homelike snack (lard, garlic, spices) 1/5021,00
Lard /bacon salt, greens/ 1/14076,00
Assorted cask /pickled cucumber, pickled tomatoes, sauerkraut, hot pepper salt, marinated plums/ 1/695118,00
Pickled champignons /mushrooms mar., pickled onions, herbs/1/200103,00
Herring under the bow100 гр55,00
Pickles /cherry tomatoes, pickled cucumbers gherkins/1/10057,00
Plum marinated /own preparation/1/10025,00
Black olives1/11088,00
Green olives1/11088,00
Вих (Out)грн (uah)
Salad «Sea exotics» /lettuce, tomatoes, olives, calamari, octopus , mussels, clams, shrimp, cheese, sauce/1/340209,00
Salad «Sea Pearl»/red caviar, Shrimps, egg, cucumber, green onion, mayonnaise/1/215149,00
Salad «Gentle» /calamari, egg, cheese, corn, pickled onions, mayonnaise/1/265176,00
Salad «Crab joy» /crab sticks, egg, mayonnaise, corn, cucumber/1/260102,00
Salad «Acquaintance» /sheet of lettuce, tongue, egg a quail, tomatoes, french dressing/1/300190,00
Shrimp salad «Caesar» /lettuce, shrimp meat, croutons, quail egg, tomato, «Parmesan» cheese sauce «Caesar»/1/310248,00
Salad «Caesar» with chicken /lettuce, fried chicken, croutons, quail egg, tomato, «Parmesan» cheese sauce «Caesar»/ 1/310184,00
Salad «Brut» /chicken, egg, cucumber, tomatoes, sheet of lettuce, sesame, fruit and spicy sauce/1/370153,00
Salad «Piquant» /napa cabbage, bacon, homemade croutons, cucumber, bell pepper, hard cheese peas, sauce/ 1/330134,00
Salad «Fantasy» /ham, cheese, egg, corn, potatoes, mayonnaise/1/300113,00
Salad «Young oak» /marinated mushrooms, brisket chicken smoked, spring onions, mayonnaise/1/250128,00
Salad “Whim” /chicken, egg, cheese, pineapple, mayonnaise/1/250115,00
Salad «Victoria» /boiled beef, Korean carrots, marinated onions, greens/ 1/25098,00
Salad «Forest» /boiled beef, fried mushrooms, potatoes, pickles, mayonnaise/ 1/26093,00
Salad «Meat» /boiled beef, potatoes, pickles, mayonnaise, eggs, peas/1/26094,00
Salad «Herring under a fur coat» /herring, boiled beets, boiled carrots, onions, mayonnaise or vegetable oil/ 1/33097,00
Salad «Greece» /cheese «Feta», cucumbers, tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper, olives, herbs, capers, vegetable oil/1/360143,00
Salad «Summer» /tomatoes, cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper, onion, greens, vegetable oil or mayonnaise/ 1/31072,00
Assorted Vegetable /cabbage salad, beets salad, Korean carrots, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, vegetable oil or mayonnaise/1/30062,00
Salad «Vegetable mix» /fresh cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper, greens, vegetable oil or mayonnaise/ 1/26548,00
Beets salad /Boiled beets, prune, walnut, mayonnaise/1/25068,00
Cabbage salad with cucumber /fresh cabbage, cucumber, vegetable oil/1/28047,00
Salad “Vinaigrette” / boiled potatoes, boiled beets, sauerkraut, boiled carrots, pickled cucumber, vegetable oil, greens /1/25041,00
Вих (Out)грн (uah)
Chicken Julienne1/10054,00
Mushroom Julienne1/10049,00
Chicken-mushroom julienne1/10051,00
Hot sandwich with beef /veal, mayonnaise, cheese, tomato/1/12049,00
Hot sandwich with chicken /chicken fillet, mayonnaise, cheese, tomato/1/11041,00
Sandwich with ham1/12542,00
Hot sandwich with sausage /salami, cheese, ketchup/1/12539,00
Вих (Out)грн (uah)
Meat solyanka with sour cream / served with a snack of ground lard with garlic /1/400108,00
Okroshka (cold kvass soup with chopped vegetables and meat)1/40095,00
Soup with meatballs 1/40080,00
Borsch “Ukrainian” with veal and sour cream /served with appetizer of ground fat with garlic/1/40070,00
Chicken broth with homemade noodles and quail egg1/40064,00
Soup with dumplings on veal broth /home-made pork dumplings/1/40048,00
Вих (Out)грн (uah)
Broccoli in creamy sauce1/20076,00
Home-style fried potatoes350/5063,00
Home-style fried potatoes with mushrooms1/35089,00
«Selyanski potatoes» /fried in a peel with garlic cloves/1/25053,00
Deep-fried potatoes with a garnish of vegetables150/9059,00
Boiled young potatoes1/33059,00
Mashed potatoes1/33059,00
Buckwheat porridge with vegetable garnish150/9044,00
Boiled rice with a garnish of vegetables150/9044,00
Bread black /own bakery/1/308,00
Bread white /own bakery/1/308,00
Вих (Out)грн (uah)
Pork sausages «Provincial» /home-made, with special sauce/190/50139,00
Chili meat /pork tenderloin in spicy tomato sauce/ 1/280157,00
Homelike meat /pork fried with onions/ 1/170127,00
Pork with mushrooms /chop with cheese and mushrooms/1/170112,00
Pork piquant /steak and cheese/1/12086,00
Meat with prunes /pork stew with prunes in a tomato sauce/1/17574,00
Home-style roast with pork1/325108,00
Home-style roast with mushrooms1/355109,00
Filet mignon steak /veal tenderloin/served with pomegranate sauce/100г128,00
Pork steak 100г91,00
Chicken steak /served with a spicy sauce/200/50152,00
Boiled veal sauce bechamel 150/75139,00
Liver with vegetables /veal liver fried with onions and carrots/1/25093,00
Salmon steak 100г154,00
Fried pike perch100г103,00
Chicken «Kiev» 1/12872,00
Homemade cutlet (pork and beef)1/12056,00
Sausages «of the Hunting» /served hot/100г97,00
Potato pancakes with sour cream120/5061,00
Galushki stuffed with meat1/25095,00
Pancakes with red caviar 1/180261,00
Pancakes with meat /own production served with sour cream/1/25096,00
Dumplings with pork /own production, served with branded dressing/290/5083,00
Dumplings with veal liver /own production/1/28060,00
Dumplings with potatoes /own production/1/40062,00
Dumplings with cabbage /own production/1/40064,00
Sauces, spices:
Sauce «Tartare» of own preparation 1/5012,00
Sauce «Bechamel» of own preparation 1/7512,00
Sauce «Eastern island» of own preparation 1/5016,00
Sauce «Sour cream-horseradish» of own preparation 1/5017,00
Homemade mustard-honey sauce1/6020,00
Pomegranate sauce1/309,00
Tangy horseradish of own preparation 1/309,00
Oil olive 1/2012,00
Soy sauce 1/308,00
Sour cream1/10026,00
Вих (Out)грн (uah)
Chocolate cheesecake 1/13096,00
Italian cheesecake 1/13096,00
«Napoleon» 1/22085,00
Pancakes with butter 150/2054,00
Pancakes with whipped cream150/5069,00
Pancakes with jam /strawberry, raspberry, cherry, apricot/ 150/5067,00
Pancakes with chocolate150/5054,00
Pancakes with honey150/5062,00
Pancakes with cottage cheese and raisins1/18078,00
Cheesecakes with sour cream150/5073,00
Cheesecakes with honey 150/5080,00
Cheesecakes with jam /strawberry, raspberry, cherry, apricot/ 150/5085,00
Assorted fruits /orange, banana, apple, kiwi/ 1/760120,00
Orange 1/10012,00
Banana 1/10012,00
Apple 1/10010,00
Milk-shake with coffee1/27090,00
Milk-shake with strawberry syrup 1/27065,00
Milk-shake with pomegranate syrup 1/27065,00
Milk-shake with banana 1/27065,00
Milk-shake 1/27055,00
Whipped cream /natural/ 1/10040,00
Ice-cream /cream, chocolate/ 1/10040,00
Ice cream with whipped cream 100/5060,00
Ice-cream Assorti /ice-cream, banana, orange, chocolate, nut/100/4550,00
Fruit Salad /cream, prunes, pineapple, peach, banana, orange, chocolate/1/21067,00
«Tropikanka» /ice-cream, orange, banana, pineapple, perch, walnut and glazed chocolate/ 1/23090,00
Ice cream on the Mexican /hot ice cream/ 1/10073,00
Dried apricot 1/3012,00
Peach 1/3012,00
Kiwi 1/308,00
Orange 1/305,00
Peanut 1/306,00
Nut 1/3015,00
Coconut shaving1/54,00
Chocolate chips 1/2012,00
Chocolate topping1/154,00
Caramel topping1/154,00
Jam /strawberry, raspberry, cherry, apricot/ 1/3012,00
Condensed milk 1/309,00
Strawberry syrup1/258,00
Pomegranate syrup 1/258,00
Liquor «Baileys»1/2545,00
Liquor «Malibu» 1/2527-50
Cocktail cherries 1шт.5,00
Whiskey «Chivas Regal» 12 years 1,0l3 600,00180,00360,00
Whiskey «Jack Daniels» 1,0l1 900,0095,00190,00
Whiskey «Jack Daniels Honey» 1,0l1 900,0095,00190,00
Whiskey «Jameson» 1,0l1 900,0095,00190,00
«Hennessy» VS 0,7l3 010,00215,00430,00
«Metaxa» 5* 0,5l800,0080,00160,00
«Sarajishvili» 5* 0,5l800,0080,00160,00
«Ararat» 5* 0,5л800,0080,00160,00
«Shabo» V.V.S.O.P 0,5l500,0050,00100,00
«Koblevo» 5* 0,5l400,0040,0080,00
Rom «Bacardi Carta Blanca» white 1,0l1 300,0065,00130,00
Tequila «Olmeca Blanco» 1,0l1 600,0080,00160,00
Tequila «Jose Cuervo Especial (Reposado)» 1,0l1 600,0080,00160,00
Gin «Beefeater London Gin» 1,0l1 500,0075,00150,00
«Khrenovukha» 0,5l /vodka «Pervak», spicy radish, honey/300,0030,0060,00
«Cranberry» 0,5l /«Pervak» vodka, cranberries, sugar syrup/300,0030,0060,00
«Absolute» 1,0l1 000,0050,00100,00
«Presidential Standard» 0,7л490,0035,0070,00
«Nemiroff Delikat» 0,5l250,0025,0050,00
«Nemiroff» 0,5l250,0025,0050,00
«Pervak» 0,5l250,0025,0050,00
Martini «Bianco» 1l700,0035,0070,00
Wines of France JP.Shenet:
«Medium Sweet Rouge» red/semi-sweet 0,75l525,0035,0070,00
«Medium Sweet Blanc» white/semi-sweet 0,75l525,0035,0070,00
«Cabernet-Syrah» red/dry 0,75l525,0035,0070,00
«Colombard-Chardonnay» white/dry 0,75l525,0035,0070,00
Wines of Georgia Teliani Valley:
«Alazani Valley» red/semi-sweet 0,75l360,0024,0048,00
«Alazani Valley» white/semi-sweet 0.75l360,0024,0048,00
«Tsinandali» white/dry 0,75l360,0024,0048,00
«Saperavi» red/dry 0,75l360,0024,0048,00
Wines of Ukraine Inkerman:
«Ancient Chersonesos» red/semi-sweet 0,75l270,0018,0036,00
«Legend of Inkerman» white/semi-sweet 0,75l270,0018,0036,00
«Bastardo» red/dry 0,75l270,0018,0036,00
«Chardonnay Kachinsky» white/dry 0,75l270,0018,0036,00
Sparkling wine:
«Asti Mondoro» white sparkling sweet /Italy/ 0,75l700,00
«Corte Viola Fragolino Bianco» white sparkling semi-sweet /Italy/ 0,75l330,0022,0060,00
«Corte Viola Fragolino Rosso» red sparkling semi-sweet /Italy/ 0,75l330,00
«Provetto» white sparkling brut /Spain/ 0,75l450,0030,0060,00
«Bazaleti» white sparkling semi-sweet /Georgia/ 0,75l450,0030,0060,00
«Xenta Absenta» 1l2 300,00115,00230,00
«Sambuca Molinari extra» 1l1 200,0060,00120,00
«Becherovka» 1l1 200,0060,00120,00
«Baileys» 0,7l1 400,00100,00200,00
«Malibu» 1l1 200,0060,00120,00
Mulled wine:
Mulled wine « Vintage» /wine «Bastardo», fruit , honey, spices/1/200107-60
Mulled wine classic /wine «Bastardo», sugar, spices/1/20077-50
Вих (Out)грн (uah)
Imported beer:
Draft beer «Grinbergen» light /Belgium/ 1/50090,00
Beer «Hoegaarden» light unfiltered /Belgium/ 1/33090,00
Beer «Leffe» dark /Belgium/1/33090,00
Poltava beer:
Draft beer «Barley ear» light 1/50050,00
Draft beer «Barley ear» light 1/33033,00
Beer «Dikansky evenings» dark1/50050,00
Near beer:
Пиво «Bavaria» (Netherlands)1/50070,00
Beer snacks:
Pork sausages “Provincial” /own cooking, with special sauce/ 190/50139,00
Pork ears /home-made/1/20079,00
Squid rings in batter with «Tartar» sauce 100/50166,00
Appetizer merchant /sudzhuk, basturma, sausage from horse meat/1/150165,00
Hot hunting sausages1/10097,00
Cheese sticks /fried cheese/1/12091,00
Pistachios 1/100120,00
Chips of meat chicken1/100140,00
TORTILLA corn chips with flavor cheese /served with mustard-honey sauce/200/120140,00
Chips «Pringles» /Sour Cream & Onion/ 1/4080,00
Chips «Pringles» /Red Pepper/ 1/4080,00
Salted nuts1/3030,00
Вих (Out)грн (uah)
— Grapefruit 1/25072,00
— Orange1/25075,00
— Apple 1/25055,00
— Carrot1/25071,00
— Сarrot-apple1/25065,00
– Lemon 1/10036,00
Cranberry water /water Morshinska non-gas., cranberries and sugar mashed/ 1/30053,00
Raspberry water /water Morshinska non-gas., raspberry and sugar mashed/ 1/30053,00
«Mojito» non-alcoholic1/20066,00
lemonade classic /fresh lemon juice, mineral water, sugar syrup/ 1/30038,00
Orange lemonade natural /orange and lemon fresh, mineral water, sugar syrup/ 1/30047,00
Raspberry lemonade natural /fresh lemon juice, raspberries, mint, mineral water, sugar syrup/ 1/30073,00
Juice «Sandora»:1/950114,00
— Tomato1/30036,00
— Peach1/30036,00
— Pineapple 1/30036,00
— Orange1/30036,00
— Grapefruit 1/30036,00
— Multi-vitamin1/30036,00
— Cherry1/30036,00
— Grape /white/1/30036,00
Water «Borjomi» /glass bottle/1/50090,00
Water “Morshinskaya” of low-carbon gazers. /glass/1/33040,00
Water “Morshinskaya” negazirov. /glass/1/33040,00
Tonic-water «Evervess»1/50040,00
Pepsi-cola /glass bottle/1/33040,00
7 Up1/50040,00
Вих (Out)грн (uah)
Decaffeinated coffee1/5035,00
Natural Oriental /brewed in coffee pot on the sand/ 1/5035,00
Natural expresso 1/5035,00
Doppio /double espresso/1/10070,00
Americano 1/10035,00
Ristretto 1/3035,00
Espresso with milk1/15045,00
Americano with milk1/20045,00
Coffe XL /double milk espresso/ 1/25055,00
Flat white /double espresso with milk/1/20080,00
Coffe Raf /espresso, cream, milk, vanilla/ 1/20065,00
Con-panna /Americano with natural cream/1/15055,00
Viennese coffee /oriental coffee with natural cream/ 1/15055,00
Glace /coffee, ice cream/1/15058,00
Ice coffee /cold coffee, milk, cream, ice cream/ 1/25097,00
Coffee Italian /coffee, milk, cream, ice cream/ 1/25088,00
Natural cappuccino 1/20050,00
Cappuccino with banana syrup1/22560,00
Cappuccino with Irish Cream syrup1/22560,00
Latte 1/20050,00
Late with banana syrup1/22560,00
Late with Irish Cream syrup1/15060,00
French coffee /coffee, brandy, cream/ 1/17575-50
Cocoa and chocolate drinks:
Cocoa and milk 1/15030,00
Cocoa with milk and banana syrup1/17540,00
Cocoa with milk and cream 1/15045,00
Вих (Out)грн (uah)
Black «Adavatta»1/40035,00
/сlassic black tea/ 1/80070,00
Black «Earl Grey»1/40035,00
/Ceylon black tea with bergamot/ 1/80070,00
Green with jasmine1/40035,00
/сlassical Chinese green tea with jasmine petals/ 1/80070,00
Green «Green Snail»1/40035,00
/сlassic green tea/ 1/80070,00
Green «Anaberry»1/40035,00
/green tea with pineapple, strawberry, sunflower petals/ 1/80070,00
Herbal «Poleski meadow»1/40035,00
/herbal blend of lemon balm, lemongrass, rose hips, chamomile and peppermint/ 1/80070,00
/from the leaves of fresh mint/ 1/80070,00
Cpicy tea1/40050,00
/black tea, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom/ 1/800100,00
Tea of sea-buckthorn1/50055,00
/sea-buckthorn berries with sugar, grated, cardamon/
Raspberry tea with mint1/50060,00
/grated raspberry with sugar, fresh mint, lemon/
Cranberry tea with mint1/50055,00
/grated cranberries with sugar, fresh mint/
Tea vitamin1/50071,00
/sea-buckthorn berries with sugar, grated, orange, lime, honey, cinnamon, cloves , cardamon/
/natural ginger tea/ 1/80070,00
Milk 1/10010,00
Lemon1 кус4,00


Lean Menu

Вих (Out)грн (uah)
Assorted cask /pickled cucumber, pickled tomatoes, sauerkraut, hot pepper salt, marinated plums/ 1/695118,00
Assorted vegetables / cabbage salad, beet salad, Korean carrots, fresh cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, oil /1/30062,00
Summer salad / fresh tomato, fresh cucumber, bell pepper, onion, greens, oil /1/31072,00
Salad “Vegetable mix” / fresh cabbage, fresh cucumber, fresh tomato, bell pepper, herbs, oil /1/26548,00
Beet salad / boiled beets, prunes, walnuts, oil /1/25068,00
Cabbage salad with fresh cucumber / fresh cabbage, fresh cucumber, oil /1/28047,00
Salad with squid / squid otv., Potatoes otv., Fresh tomato, corn, bell peppers, green onions, lemon juice, olive oil /1/270171,00
Mushroom salad / pickled mushrooms, fresh tomato, boiled potatoes, oil, herbs /1/28092,00
“Rural” salad / sauerkraut, pickled cucumber, onion, oil, greens /1/31550,00
Autumn salad / boiled beets, pickled cucumber, onion, oil, greens /1/31546,00
Health Salad / sauerkraut, Korean carrots, oil, greens /1/28553,00
Vitamin salad / carrots in Korean, walnuts, raisins, oil, herbs /1/26583,00
Salad “Herring under a fur coat” / herring, boiled beets, boiled carrots, onions, oil /1/33097,00
Salad “Vinaigrette” / boiled potatoes, boiled beets, sauerkraut, boiled carrots, pickles, oil, herbs /1/25041,00
Mushrooms under onions / pickled mushrooms, pickled onions, greens /1/200103,00
Pickles / cherry tomatoes, canned gherkins /1/10057,00
Herring under onions100г55,00
Pickled cucumber1/10012,00
Salted tomato1/10010,00
Hot salted pepper1/5045,00
Marinated plum1/10025,00
Black olives1/11088,00
Green olives1/11088,00
Вих (Out)грн (uah)
Mushroom soup / served with croutons /400/5057,00
Вих (Out)грн (uah)
Fried pike perch100г103,00
Salmon steak 100г154,00
Home-style roast with mushrooms1/355109,00
Pilaf with mushrooms1/35582,00
Oatmeal with tuna and herbs1/28097,00
Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms 1/30584,00
Boiled potatoes with herring 1/415115,00
Dumplings with potatoes /own production/1/40062,00
Dumplings with cabbage /own production/1/40064,00
Вих (Out)грн (uah)
Broccoli with Italian herbs1/12068,00
Home-style fried potatoes with mushrooms1/35089,00
Home-style fried potatoes 1/35063,00
«Selyanski potatoes» /fried in a peel with garlic cloves/1/25053,00
Deep-fried potatoes with a garnish of vegetables150/9059,00
Boiled young potatoes1/33044,00
Boiled rice with a garnish of vegetables150/9038,00
Buckwheat porridge with vegetable garnish150/9038,00
Oatmeal / on water /1/20010,00
Porridge additives:
Dried apricots1/3015,00
Вих (Out)грн (uah)
Soy sauce1/308,00
Oriental Spicy Sauce1/5016,00
Horseradish is sharp1/309,00
Olive oil1/2012,00
Black bread (own pastries)1/308,00
White bread (own pastries)1/308,00
Вих (Out)грн (uah)
Savor “Cheerfulness” / dried apricots, prunes, walnuts, lemon, orange, honey /1/20074,00

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